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‘Mikiranyie Nkoroin’

In early May, 2010 I headed to Samburu to lead some primates’ conservation activities. With the help of team from Samburu, we carried out an intensive awareness campaign in Wamba by conducting an elder’s workshop representing the entire district and awareness outreach in two secondary Schools. The workshop was facilitated by two highly qualified natural resources managers from Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy. Our clarion call ‘Mikiranyie Nkoroin’ is an appeal to the ‘Moran’s’ to stop killing the Endangered Mt Uarges guereza for its skin. Below are some photos from these events.


Tom, one of the Facilitators explaining the distribution of de Brazza's monkey in Mathews range

Tom, one of the Facilitators explaining the distribution of de Brazza's monkey in Mathews range

A Pleasant Surprise

As we embark on the most important phase of the Samburu Primates Research and Conservation Project – communicating findings of four years of groundbreaking research in rare and endangered primates to the local stakeholders in Samburu, I would like to share with you some of the exciting information that we will be communicating and interpreting to decison makers starting this week with the Samburu elders. This will be followed by education outreach in schools to convey a similar message and raise awareness on primate’s conservation in Mathews range forest. 

‘’Iregi Mwenja is the first to admit how taken aback he was at the findings of his own pioneering survey of a ‘satellite’ De Brazza’s Monkey population on Kenya’s Mathews Range’.  Swara Editor, 2007. Click here to read the article: A new population of De Brazza’s monkey in Kenya.

Iregi Mwenja has led the Samburu Primates Research and Conservation Project since April 2006, pioneering groundbreaking research in rare and endangered primates of the region

Thank you Brenton for supporting a Primate Guardian

On behalf of the management of Samburu Primates Research and Conservation Project, I would like to thank Mr Brenton H for giving a donation of $ 690 to go towards supporting the wages of a Primate Guardian for six months. Lembasha J., a local trained in community development and with great interest in the conservation of Mathews range forest biodiversity has been recruited.

The role of the PG is critical in the ongoing monitoring of rare and endangered primates in the forest, in addition to raising awareness on the threats affecting these primates’  in order to reduce anthropogenic pressure on their habitat. The PG is working with the other stakeholders in the conservation sector to ensure that the project’s activities complement other ongoing conservation efforts in the Mathews range ecosystem.

‘Asante Sana’ Mr Brenton
Iregi Mwenja
Project Leader