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Uneasy calm in Nairobi

Yesterday a planned rally was called off and politicians from both sides asked their supporters to desist from engaging in acts of violence and hooliganism. There is now an uneasy calm in Nairobi and I believe other parts of the country.

It is quite clear that the politicians hold the key to peace in this country and all you need is a reckless statement from a politician and innocent Kenyans die. To quote todays Editorial of the Daily Nation, Kenyas leading Newspaper“Neither PNU nor ODM during their campaigns demonstrated any particular restraint or regard for the country’s stability. Their mantra appears to have been: We either rule it or burn it” This is exactly what is happening!

Lets hope that politicians will allow peace to prevail but we (all Kenyans) should never allow ourselves to be used by politicians to achieve their selfish ends.

Iregi Mwenja

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Kenya election, call for peace

I am sitting alone in the office today because most people fear venturing out due to the violence that was witnessed yesterday in some estates in Nairobi. Indeed, in the whole building, no one else has come to work like it happens even on holidays save for the security guards manning the gate.

There has been so much uncertainty here in Nairobi in the last three days and the condition makes it difficult to work, shop or even venture out of your own house. I am now not sure if I will resume my fieldwork next week, given that there is violence going on in other parts of the country as well. This will affect my program for January 2008 and probably result in a delay in my fieldwork planned for this month. I am sure the majority of Kenyans have also been affected in their daily work.

I am therefore appealing to every Kenyan to embrace peace and tolerance and plead with the politicians to restrain their supporters and seek redress through the courts. Otherwise everyone will suffers and especially the average Kenyan who have nowhere to run to. My work of conserving wildlife will also be affected just like all the other sectors.

Iregi Mwenja

Patriotic Kenyan

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