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Upcoming talk on de Brazza’s monkey in San Diego Zoo’s Institute

I am here in San Diego at the San Diego Zoo’s Institute for Conservation Research where I am attending a DNA barcoding of bushmeat workshop. DNA barcoding provides a method for identifying species from unrecognizable samples of blood, bone, meat, hair, feathers, or feces. This universally applicable specimen identification method will enhance the assessment and enforcement capacity of the relevant national and international laws and regulations, and will thereby contribute to the protection of exploited species.

On Wednesday 1st July 2009, I will give a talk on my ground breaking study on de Brazza’s monkey in Kenya. The Seminar will also feature other African conservationist from Cameroun, and Uganda. The talk will focus on the pioneering study on the newly discovered population of de Brazza’s monkey in Mathews range fores. Below is a notice of the Seminar.


Iregi Mwenja