Baboons turn into unlikely predators

The Standard

Published 03/10/2009

By Joe Kiarie

They have been attacking livestock in broad daylight, ripping them to pieces and ravenously feasting on them as owners watch helplessly.

In the past two months, more than 10 people have been attacked and severely injured as these animals fight for survival.

The new ‘hunters’ are baboons that are now giving Kenyans sleepless nights as they search for food.

The most affected are Kamaguru residents in Bura District. In the past two weeks, the baboons have invaded homes and killed about 180 goats and sheep.

Baboons at the Nakuru National Park are a big tourist attraction. Photo: Jacob Otieno/Standard

Children can no longer play outside for fear of famished primates.

Game experts say baboons can easily attack, kill and feed on children. They say the baboon attacks could intensify if the current drought persists.

Mr Iregi Mwenja of Institute for Primate Research says the danger is real.

Opportunistic animals

“Baboons are very opportunistic and in the worst of cases, they can easily attack human beings especially girls and women. They usually fear men but now that they need food, you cannot rule out anything,” he warns. Read More..

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