Monthly Archives: June 2009

Upcoming talk on de Brazza’s monkey in San Diego Zoo’s Institute

I am here in San Diego at the San Diego Zoo’s Institute for Conservation Research where I am attending a DNA barcoding of bushmeat workshop. DNA barcoding provides a method for identifying species from unrecognizable samples of blood, bone, meat, hair, feathers, or feces. This universally applicable specimen identification method will enhance the assessment and […]

Swara: Endangered colobus facing extinction

Click on the on the image below to read the Swara magazine article on the Endangered Mt. Uarges guereza. The article highlights the finding of an extensive survey of the Samburu forests that was concluded last year. The Survey was generously funded by Rufford Grants Small Foundation. Iregi Mwenja Principal Investigator Samburu Primates Research and […]