Monthly Archives: January 2008

Progress on the ongoing Samburu primates’ survey

The Samburu primates survey 2007/2008 is an effort aimed at establishing the presence and thereafter the distribution of six rare primates species in the district. They include; the de Brazza’s, the Sykes and the Patas monkeys, the Somali and the Senegal lesser galagos and the Endangered Mt Uarges guereza. The six have received marginal attention […]

Uneasy calm in Nairobi

Yesterday a planned rally was called off and politicians from both sides asked their supporters to desist from engaging in acts of violence and hooliganism. There is now an uneasy calm in Nairobi and I believe other parts of the country. It is quite clear that the politicians hold the key to peace in this […]

Kenya election, call for peace

I am sitting alone in the office today because most people fear venturing out due to the violence that was witnessed yesterday in some estates in Nairobi. Indeed, in the whole building, no one else has come to work like it happens even on holidays save for the security guards manning the gate. There has […]