Monthly Archives: December 2007

Presenting my team

The Samburu primates study that I lead is made up of research assistants, guides, scouts and secuirity escorts who are mostly drawn from the local Samburu community. I am glad to share with you photos of some of the peope that have made the fieldwork part of this study a success. The Team at Ngare […]

Climbing Mt Nyiro

Climbing Mt Nyiro was the most physically challenging moment of my primates survey fieldwork in Samburu this year. The photos say it all… Climbing from South Horr My local Guide, Ljejian Taking a break Another Break It took us ten hours to get to Kurante where we picthed our tents before heading to Kosi Kosi […]

Dr Iain Douglas-Hamilton reports Patas monkey sighting in Samburu

Last month I received reports from Chege of the Steve Chege blog that Dr Iain of Save the Elephants had mentioned to him that he had seen a Patas monkey while flying over the western parts of Samburu National Reserve. I also received the same information from Bridget McGraw – Guest Editor of the ‘Swara’ […]

Delayed field trip

I have been forced to postpone my last field trip of the year following continued rains in Mathews range whose river drains to the Milgis river on the western side. I have been planning to survey the Ndoto by going round the mountain using the Milgis lagga (dry River bed) as it is the only […]