Monthly Archives: November 2007

Presenting my findings at the 17th IPR scientific conference

Last week on Thursday, I presented my findings on the newly discovered population of de Brazza’s monkey at the 17th Institute of Primate Research Scientific Conference at KCCT Mbagathi in Nairobi. Although the Institute is predominantly a Bio-medical instutuion, the Ecology and Conservation department had 8 high quality presentations which included mine titled “A new […]

National Geographic reports de Brazza’s discovery

The report of the de Brazza’s monkey discovery continue to makes news internationally. The latest is the National Geographic News published today. here is the link to the article I would like to share some photos of the beautiful Mathews range. ‘Lkimani’ the Mathews point as seen from the north Milgis River that seperates the […]

Climate change and de Brazza’s discovery, here is the connection – updated version

Some people are wondering, what is the connection between the discovery of a rare primate species population in northern Kenya and climate change. I sought to get more details from Dr Richard Leakey. When the reports of this new population in Samburu emerged, many people speculated that the population could exhibit significant difference from the […]