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More news reports on monkey discovery

Voice of America yesterday aired an interview on my recent study of the newly discovered de Brazza’s monkey population in Mathews range forest in Samburu. More websites have published this news including TimesOnline, Wildlife Extra Yubanet , Africanews among others. You can read more on this story in my earlier posts below or contact me […]

Why Rare Primates??

Many people asked me, why primates? What motivates you to work in these difficult places? Well let me shed some light. I started my conservation career 7 years ago as a Park Warden at the Kenya Wildlife Service. I served in various Parks and Reserves and was lucky get hands-on experience on the conservation of […]

Grevy Zebra blog – Karibu

I am happy to see a blogger from Samburu joining me on this site. I am sure we will have a lot to share. Like these photos taken at Kisima, near Maralal on 2nd June,2007 Iregi Mwenja Powered by Zoundry

IUCN/SSC Primates Specialist Group publishes De Brazza’s discovery

My findings of the discovery of a new population of de Brazza’s monkey in Mathews range, norther kenya was published online the IUCN/SSC Primate Specialist Groups’s Primate Conservation journal recently. Below is the abstract and the link to the Pdf. Abstract: Until recently, de Brazza’s monkey (Cercopithecus neglectus) was not known to occur east of […]

More skulls

Thanks Louise for your assistance with the skull identification. I take photos of everything I come across and sometimes they happen to be species outside my speciality. But how did this buffalo skull at Mathews range end up with a new body! I just liked the image. There is a fossilized remains of an elephant […]

A small but costly mistake in the field

As I promised in the last post, I have posted this link to a video that showing how the Samburu make fire for dried sticks. This is how the Samburu people used to make fire before modern fire lighters were introduced. We had to rely on this method after we forget a fire lighter in […]

I was not in Congo!

Thank you Lisa, Christine C. Jon and all those who have given their comments on my last three posts. It’s very encouraging to see people who are thousands of miles away showing interest in the work we are doing in Samburu. I would like to share with you the satellite image (Google map) of the […]

My sad encounter with a rhino in Mathews range

During my last field trip which ended last month, I had a rather depressing “encounter” with a rhino on the central part of western Mathews range. I unearthed in a river bed the lower jaw of a Black rhino that was no doubt killed 20-30 years ago by poachers who employed a few locals to […]